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Join a friendly mature community and start your adventure on one of the most unique and content filled servers available.

Unique Gameplay & Content


Runefusion is a combination of uniquely styled content and gameplay to serve a purpose of endless fun. The style of Runefusion is different, making it enjoyable for all our players!

Runefusion Rsps

Theatre of Blood

Tons Of Minigames & Adventures

Runefusion Rsps

Shooting Stars

Distractions & Diversions

Runefusion Rsps

Alchemical Hydra

OSRS Content & Gameplay

Runefusion Rsps

Auction House

Unique & Custom Content

You'll never want to stop playing

Endless Content

Runefusion is packed with endless content and enjoyable gameplay. We feature unique content and adventures that you will never get bored of!

Runefusion Rsps
Runefusion Rsps
Always something fun to do

Active Community

Here at Runefusion we strive to create an awesome community. We hold many events and community engaging activies to make things fun and enjoyable!

Play the way you enjoy the most

diverse GAMEPLAY

Runefusion is designed for any time of player. Each aspect of our game is highlighted equally with unique content. You can enjoy playing Runefusion in many different ways!

Runefusion Rsps