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Old 03-28-2020, 04:49 PM
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Default Staff application bowlcutgod

Hey guys, my name is nigel and im 22 years old.
i would like to apply as a staff member because i can see alot of potential in the server and i would be honoured to take a part in this joourney.

I have alot of experience in rsps since i runned a couple servers for months with 30+players a day and made some nice communities.
im experienced in running,coding,artwork and communication with the playerbase. i want to help with this server and will do my best to get eerything solved in and out game. people respect me for my honesty and im Always open to discussions. i would like to apply as Administrator or head moderator.

Account name: bowlcutgod
Discord: bowlcutgod#1185

Kind regards,

Nigel (bowlcutgod)
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